Gerard Maynard captured Yosemite in gigapixel panoramas

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Gerard Maynard has struck again! The American photographer shot Yosemite National Park from 5 different viewpoints and created stunning gigapixel panoramas. Gerard Maynard is used to creating gigapixel images: remember the Harlem 13 Gigapixels world record, created in partnership with Kolor two years ago.

This time, Gerard Maynard was invited by xRez to take part in their Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Imaging Project. He shot 5 panoramas; the biggest is the one of the Glacier Point. It includes 2,046 images, has a resolution of 17.27 gigapixels and sizes 214414 x 80571 pixels.

Autopano Pro was used in the stitching and rendering of all five gigapixel panoramas.

Visit Yosemite 17 Gigapixels website and browse the images as if you were flying between the mountains!

Gerard Maynard Yosemite National Park Autopano

  • Filipe Freitas | Oct 30, 2008 at 1 h 44 min

    I would love to know how much time it took to create that panorama!

  • Mike | Nov 1, 2008 at 1 h 44 min

    Why do you have an Obama ad on your photo site? I thought nature (and photos) are enjoyed by all>

  • Panoguy | Nov 12, 2008 at 6 h 09 min

    Can we get some details on how this was done? How many times did Maynard have to pause the shoot to change CF cards? What camera and lens were used? Did Maynard shoot JPEGs? Assuming that they were JPEGs at least when he passed them to AutoPano Pro, did he do a compression pass first in order to make the file sizes smaller? If so, what was the JPEG compression value? What OS and hardware was used for stitching? Was it stitched on a standard version of AutoPano Pro? Which version? What settings were used? What was the output file type? How big was the output file? How long did the stitch take? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks.

  • Gerard Maynard | Nov 12, 2008 at 17 h 24 min

    There is an “INFO” tab on each image that provides size, lens, camera, and RAW conversion. All 5 images took 4 months to make with full 16 bit editing of each render in photoshop. The Largest image “Glacier Point” Statistics:

    Nikon D2X, 300mm f/4 + 1.7 telconverter
    16gb CF cards x3
    3-4 seconds a shot
    File RAW converted wih capture NX to 16 bit Tiff
    Full 16 bit Tiff through APP rendered to PSB format
    Computer 2.8 mac pro 8 core over-clocked to 3 ghz
    32 GB memory
    2.6 TB raid 5 storage images 10 drives
    2.9 TB raid 0 storage final render file 10 drives

    Autopano 1.4.2 Vista Ultimate x64

    RMS 1.88

    250 hours optimize strong

    2046 images/ 16 bit tiff

    Render , all drives newly formatted, started at 10:30 pm 7.15.08

    Finish 8:53 am 7.16.08

    Render Time: 10 hrs 23 minutes

    File size: 130GB .PSB w/ alpha

    open file 9:45 am in PS
    file finished loading at 10:56 am

    crop start 11:07 am

    crop finish 2:55 pm

    size 17.27 gigapixels.

    96.5GB /16bit PSB file size.

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