Mac Life reviews Autopano Pro

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Mac Life 4/5Mac Life has just dedicated a review to Autopano Pro. The software has been rated 4/5 and was picked as an Editors’ Choice.

Some quotes from the review:
“Autopano Pro is a highly intelligent app that automates much of the task and creates some truly lovely panoramic shots with minimal effort.”

“One of the first things we loved about Autopano Pro is that it can automatically search a folder full of photos and find the ones that are related, that will ultimately end up stitched together. It then does a first pass at putting together the big picture, and you’re likely to smile when you see what the app comes up with on its own.”

The review points out the “powerful image stitching, extensive controls and very precise color corrections and edge blending with minimal effort”. The author found however that some of the “deeper controls and options” take time to master.
We are aware about that and will work on better integrate the advanced features, like the control point editor. We are also planning to produce new video tutorials that will be added to the existing ones and that will explain step by step how to use easily and efficiently all deep features of Autopano Pro, that can be very useful for difficult cases of image stitching.

You can read the full review on its webpage:

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