Photography of monuments in ‘Chasseur d’Images’ magazine

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Bernin, Isère, FranceThe photo magazine ‘Chasseurs d’Images‘ of October 2008 (issue #307) propose an article about the photography of monuments. The aim of the article is to show that it is possible to give a personnal touch to a photograph of a monument, even for famous monuments that have been shot thousands of times.

It’s all about creativity and technical mastering. The image stitching technique is presented as a very interesting option to depict the best way the spirit of the monument in its context.

Burgos, SpainTwo photos of Joël Juge, an addicted Autopano Pro user, were published in this article. The first one is what we call a “little planet” that he shot in Roma (Italy). The second one was shot in Burgos (Spain) and contains 15 individual images stitched in Autopano Pro. This use of Autopano Pro simulates a very wide angle, without getting the distortions of such lenses.

Congratulations to Joël for these beautiful stitchings. His website contains a lot more:

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