Digital Outback Photo reviews Autopano Pro

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Digital Outback Photo

Online magazine Digital Outback Photo began a review of Autopano Pro. The magazine intends to follow closely the evolution of Autopano Pro and will continue its review in diary form.

Last time that Uwe Steinmueller, editor of Digital Outback Photo, used image stitching software was more than 3 years ago. After having received recommandations for Autopano Pro, he decided to put the program to the test.

What he expected from an automatic image stitching program is:
* Automatic and excellent alignment
* Color blending to produce smooth color transitions
* Automatic lens corrections
* Good projections

You can read the entire review on its dedicated web page.

The editor concludes by explaining his interest of using Autopano Pro for his future projects, and qualifies Autopano Pro as “a real ‘auto’pano tool”, “easy and fun to use”.

Read the entire review
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