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VRMAG is an online magazine specialized in virtual reality photography. It deals with subjects relative to the creation of virtual tours in its articles, reports, reviews and interviews.

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In its 29th issue, VRMAG propose an interview of Alexandre Jenny, founder of the company Kolor and initiator of the program Autopano Pro.

Alexandre Jenny reviews his beginning in photography, and how he got interested in panoramic photography, from 1998 onwards: “During week-ends, I was used to climb the mountains. When reaching the top, you often have beautiful landscapes with a large view. So I shoot a lot… right, left… but really soon I felt a little uncomfortable because I wanted the full landscape, not only part of it. This is why I came into panoramic. There was pretty nothing out at that time or, at least, there was nothing automatic.”

Reviewing the history of the program Autopano Pro, the competitor programs, and the interesting features of Autopano Pro, Alexandre Jenny then gives some clues about the software development for the coming months, in particular the improvement of HDR support.

VRMAG will test Autopano Pro in its next issue.

Read the whole interview.

  • Filipe Freitas | Mar 31, 2008 at 20 h 46 min

    It’s nice to read a bit of history about my favorite stitcher.
    I haven’t really used HDR so it’s not a problem for me.
    I’m curious about the Kolor offices, do you guys work on a attic?

  • Rami | Apr 1, 2008 at 9 h 16 min

    Come and see! We actually work in a part of a house transformed to suit our needs (computer stuff downstairs, offices upstairs). Thanks for your comment.

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