Autopano Pro tested in Image & Nature magazine

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Image & Nature magazine has just dedicated a test to Autopano Pro in its 13th issue. This test is interesting because it quotes several arguments of Autopano Pro and tests them one after the other.

The 5 tested arguments are: ease of use, automatic detection of photos belonging to a same panorama, automatic correction of color and exposure differences, stitching of images having different focal distances, and stitching of images shot every which way.

Each argument was tested and positively validated by the magazine editors! Phew! :-)

Image & Nature magazine begins by the program’s interface, which is “clear and intuitive”. About the automatic panorama detection, “it is amusing to note that the program often finds more stitchings that what you excpect”.

The conclusion of the test of color and exposure correction cannot be clearer: “the software’s capabilities in this field are totally impressive”! Performances in exposure correction “can be built on to perform HDR stitching (high dynamic range images)”.

The test of stitching images of different focal distances was quite advanced, since Autopano Pro could even “stitch a photo shot with a 15mm fisheye with a photo shot with a 35mm!”

Finally, no matter if the photos are shot vertically, horizontally or slanting, “Autopano Pro reorders all photos and gives the best possible stitching”.

The article concludes: “this program is the best pick! Simple and powerful, it puts panoramic photography at everybody’s reach, and enables even wider applications. A must-have!

This 13th issue of Image & Nature magazine also dedicated a test to the new Canon EOS-1 Mark III reflex camera. This magazine is currently being sold in French stores and on

  • Jim Dolan | Apr 30, 2008 at 23 h 43 min

    I too did a review of four pano programs and concluded that autopano pro exceeded the others in almost every instance. Good job. I wrote a several page report on this review with photos and if you would like it just ask and I’ll send it to you. I was hoping to publish it at but there was a conflict and it didn’t get done. However I notice others have caught on there and they are using autopano pro anyway.


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