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A 10-page article is dedicated to panoramic photography in the 34th issue of French magazine Declic Photo (nov. 2007), including 4 pages dedicated to photo stitching.

After listing the hardware that can be used in the professional panoramic photography, the article deals with the stitching process itself, and focuses on Autopano Pro:
“No need to beat around the bush, the best quality/simplicity/price ratio is hold by Autopano Pro, an amazing French software that automatically detects the photos to be stitched. (…) The advantage of a software like Autopano Pro is that he does not only stitches your images: it corrects the stitching defects, modifies the views’ exposure to make them homogenous, adapts the images tones, handles most of file formats, and can manage a large number of images to stitch.”

This article, written by Denis Boyard, is illustrated with panoramic photographs by Bertrand Bodin, to whom the magazine dedicates an interview:

“After having tested several perfectible solutions, I adopted the program Autopano Pro, developed by Alexandre Jenny, mathematician in Chambery (France). This software detects and stitches my photos with a stupefying speed and an incredible easiness, all this without any montage defect in most cases. While I used to need seven hours of work in Photoshop to stitch a panorama manually (it was the only available method when I started out), now it only takes me a few minutes to manage it! The whole thing does not need particular attention, since you only need a few clicks to perform a series of stitched images in an image folder. I can even launch a rendering and go and do something else when in the case of a very large format.”

Bertrand Bodin has just published his new book dedicated to the architectural work of Vauban, architect and urban planner of Louis XIV (Vauban les Sites Majeurs, available from Libris). The book is illustrated with numbers of panoramas by the photographer, and the texts are from Nicolas Faucherre, archeologist and historian. We will dedicate a further article to this book’s release.

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